Stoney Run
16 Apr 2022

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A beautiful day for orienteering resulted in a very nice turn-out at Stoney Run. It was nice to see many first-time orienteers.

Special thanks to Val Metz and Caryn Corriere for handling registration, Michael Collins for course review and for numerous beginner clinics, Chris Svoboda, Ray Smith and Mike Reese for control pick-up, and Jennifer and the staff at Stoney Run along with the Lake County Indiana Parks Department for all of their assistance.

Bruce Metz

Meet Director

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Samtonzil 0:16:15
2Alexa Groen0:19:55
3Matt Zamudio0:24:33
4Witkos Jacek0:25:13
5Kasey Phillips0:26:28
6Joan Donnelly0:29:49
7Unicorn 0:39:08
8Kurtz 0:39:41
9Girl Scout Troop 304710:45:25
10Tigers Rule Den1:01:18
 Chris BroviakMSP
Yellow Course
1Dimitar Bratovonov0:25:01
2Samtonzil 0:29:47
3Alexa Groen0:31:17
4Matt Zamudio0:32:49
5Reed Miller0:44:04
6Courtney Valderrama0:45:38
7Sakkin 0:46:57
8Chris Broviak0:46:59
9Josh Jusko0:51:49
10Girl Scout Troop 304710:52:36
Orange Course
1Judith Martineau0:52:52
2Ella Qiao1:02:22
3Dana M1:04:39
4Jacek Witkos1:12:19
5Kacey Martineau1:15:12
6Josh Jusko1:32:37
7Wild Clares1:37:16
8Kasey Phillips1:38:28
9Chris Broviak2:05:34
Red Course
1Maricel Olaru0:42:11
2Hiroki Nakata0:46:22
3Chris Svoboda1:01:20
4Aviad Ariel1:05:00
5Finley Miller1:05:13
6Michael Collins1:06:16
7Tonya Kuzmis1:19:38
8Thomas Martineau1:25:35
9Fukiko Nakata1:27:02
10Jacek Witkos2:04:00
11Steve Moell3:02:34
 Ben TingMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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