Lemon Lake
12 Nov 2022

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White day Course
1Random Walk0:25:46
2AMX 0:28:40
3Pack 5610:36:55
4Wolves A0:37:40
5Troop 2760:38:05
6Not My Group0:43:30
7Wolves B0:44:38
8Pack 4060:50:48
 Tim GiffeyMSP
 Carkeyt MSP
 Iceberg MSP
 Evan MSP
 Boi MSP
Yellow day Course
1Random Walk0:34:48
2Trees 0:46:28
3Troop 561 HB0:47:50
4Hoorah! 0:59:24
5Perchy Werchy1:01:03
6Squid Lard1:09:23 1:10:42
 Popcorn FriendsMSP
 Emma MSP
 Rodeero MSP
 The Country KidsMSP
White night Course
1Lucia Neal0:17:09
2Troop 531:01:19
Yellow night Course
1Alex Eriksson0:24:37
2J. Kaempfer0:25:39
3Nightowls 1:16:48
 Ben TingMSP
 Nightfighters MSP
Orange day Course
1The Tall Ones0:42:37
2Hooligan's 0:46:01
3Weast 0:57:06
4Jacek Witkos0:59:53
5Chicken Nuggets1:08:49
6Frogs 1:12:50
7The Green Horns1:21:54
8The Newt1:33:49
 The IncrediblesMSP
 The LemonsMSP
 Dine's MSP
 Smiles-A-Lot MSP
 Color Guard Champs 2023MSP
Red Course
1Stanimir Pandelov - Daytime0:45:27
2Mattias Eriksson0:46:15
3Hiroki Nakata0:47:22
4Michael Collins1:03:10
5Fukiko Nakata1:15:18
6Mikhail Slipchenko1:22:10
7Allydocious 1:52:13
8Thingy 2:32:30
 Rokhinson MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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