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24 Mar 2024

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1William Skudlarek0:36:31
2Jay Futterman0:39:47
3Masha and Andrey0:57:10
4Denise Rahn0:57:45
5Ross Oberlin1:04:44
6Sergei Kalugin1:08:46
Yellow Course
1Megan Lutz1:24:18
2Kathryn Young2:03:38
Orange Course
1Nick Preys1:11:00
2Jonathon Barrick1:15:58
3Rachel Ahlstrom1:20:59
4Selu Adams1:25:43
5Kevin Cutts1:36:35
6Jack VanNoord1:38:06
7Mark Kaurich2:18:33
 Parker (chnousagain)MSP
 Rich GaylordMSP
 Owen MartinezMSP
Green Course
1Michael Reese1:26:55
2Ryan Migalla2:05:35
 Michael CollinsMSP
 Kevin HMSP
 Luanda McDonaldMSP
Red Course
1Pavel Kolsky0:57:57
2Maricel Olaru1:03:23
3Mikus Purins1:12:05
4Erik Martinez1:12:57
5Barys Alesiyuk1:18:13
6Chris Svoboda1:21:28
7Joe Sehnal1:59:58
8Team Omega2:29:41

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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